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True Combat: Elite

...a small beginners guide

"True Combat: Elite" is a modification for the first person shooter "Enemy Territory". Both mod and game are free for download, so you do not need to purchase any software to play the game at all. It also runs fine on Windows as well as Linux. While genuine "Enemy Territory" takes place during World War 2, "True Combat: Elite" (or "TC:E") carries you to a "Terrorists vs. SpecOps" scenario, including realistic modern weapons and gadgets.


One of TC:E's main features is the lack of a crosshair: Instead of using an unrealistic icon for aiming, use your gun's iron sights to take aim and engage the enemy: Pressing the second mouse button raises the weapon from your hip to your shoulder, bringing up your weapons iron sight, scope or even red dot, but also slowing you down and limiting your field of view. You can also lean to the left or right to peek around corners, fire some rounds around them or throw a grenade.

Since TC:E is based on ET, ET-Locate can be used to locate players.


All you need to play TC:E is available for free: Just download "Enemy Territory", the latest update and the most recent version of TC:E from here. After the installation, you can start TC:E by calling the ET binary with the parameter "+set fs_game tcetest", but I recommend using an external gameserver browser like XQF.


The usual objective gameplay involves the terrorist team trying to plant a bomb at one of usually two bomb targets, while the Special Operations team (SpecOps) tries to prevent this. The terrorists win if the bomb blows the target, even if all team members are dead; so even after terminating all enemies, SpecOps may have to defuse the bomb.


The bomb carrier is selected randomly by the game, and is indicated by a bomb on his back. A small icon over his head also indicates his status to his team members, and his position is indicated on their radar, while the SpecOps team only recognizes the bomb spots ("A" and "B") on their screen.

Another tactical component sets TC:E apart from its competitors: There are no messages that indicate a kill, and even the score table is covered until the end of a round. This implies that a player never knows whether he actually killed an enemy if he did not watch it, e.g. when using a grenade. For this reason, communication is an important part of TC:E. See the quickchat section for more about this issue.


Name Picture Timer Description
MK3A2 5s The frag(mentation) grenade injures or kills any person in its surrounding on explosion.
XM84 3s The detonation of a flashbang or stun grenade renders any surprised spectator blind and deaf for several seconds.
M83 5s The smoke grenade fills its landing area with a thick smoke, which blocks the vision for around 30 (?) seconds.


Quickchat is reached via "v" in the default configuration; You can send many predifined statements to all players or you team. Some statements are automatically transmitted to your team (e.g. "Enemy down", "Man down"). People using quickchat are indicated by icons over their head:

Icon Text Keys Description
chaticons/allclear.png All clear! 1-3 The situation is under control.
chaticons/balloon4.png The player is using the limbo menu or the console.
chaticons/clearpath.png Clear the path! 3-4 Try to sweep a passage from enemy influence, for example by using grenades.
chaticons/contact.png Enemy contact! auto The player has engaged the enemy.
Cover me!
Covering fire!
2-2 The player wants you to provide covering fire for him.
chaticons/diffusebomb.png Disarm the bomb! 3-6
Enemy down!
Strike one Tango!
auto An enemy has been killed.
chaticons/fallback.png Fall back! Retreat to a safe position.
Follow me!
Stick with me!
3-1 The player wants you to follow him.
Frag out!
Fire in the hole!
1-5 (auto) The player has thrown a fragmentation grenade, be careful.
Cease fire!
Hold your fire!
The player is taking friendly fire, check your target.
chaticons/incoming.png Incoming! The enemy is advancing.
chaticons/letsgo.png Let's go! 3-2 Often used as a signal to storm into a room.
chaticons/move.png Move! 3-3 Mostly used if a player blocks a path, get out of the way.
chaticons/needbackup.png I need backup! 2-2 A player is requesting additional forces, see if you can assist.
chaticons/ok.png Yes 4-1
chaticons/pathclear.png Path is clear! 1-1 A passage is free of enemies and safe to enter.
chaticons/query.png Where to? 2-4 The player is unsure where to go.
chaticons/takingfire.png Taking Fire! 1-8 (auto) The player is under attack.
chaticons/voicechat.png The player is using the quickchat, but there is no special icon.


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