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La Fonera: Unscrewed

So you got yourself a new device, placed it on your table, and now think about what to do with it: Of course, completely dismantle it!

How to dismantle an atomic router

This is all you need:

La Fonera with tools

Well, actually you only need the tiny screw driver from that nice swiss army knife; just pop out those two rubber thingies towards the front side of the device and loosen those screws under them:

Loosening the screw

You can now simply remove the top cover and take a look at La Fonera's insides:

Removing the top cover

Here it is:

Taking a look around

Notice those soldering pads: While the big round one can obviously support another antenna, those five pads (labeled J3) on the top right corner are still unidentified, als well as those seven pads aligned to the right side of the board. The connector near the antenna pads might be an antenna connector used for signal testing during production, I've seen similar ones on WLAN cards for notebooks.

Antenna soldering pads

This is the serial interface which can also be used to gain access to the device. The soldering pads below it are probably the JTAG interface.

Antenna soldering pads

This is the circuit board from below: Not much to see here, except the reset switch (which is reachable from the outside) and a sticker indicating the firmware version the device is shipped with:

Circuit board from below