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Sony Ericsson K750i Themes

This page holds information about the format of the Sony Ericsson theme files, as well as some themes I created for my cellphone. Feel free to use them for your own purpose, and if you want to modify them, just do so. If you like one of them, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Creating themes

New themes can be created with the aid of the Smart Theme Creator, an online application by Sony Ericsson. But the .thm files which deliver the skins to your phone are nothing magic - In fact, their format is well known to UNIX users:

stefan@nano:~$ file Theme.thm 
Theme.thm: tar archive

And in fact, those file are nothing more than plain old uncompressed tar archives. Existing themes can be extracted with tar xvf Theme.thm and further explored. Be careful where you extract those archives, they contain all files in the root directory.

The theme consists of two components:

I created a skeleton theme - which is not beautiful in any way - to illustrate the different items. By extracting the files und taking a look at the images with an image gallery like gthumb, you can easily identify the different theme sections on your phone.

Exploring the XML format

[To be continued]

Download themes

World Organization of the Scout Movement


This theme is aranged around the logo of the world scout movement.

Download the theme

Enemy Territory

Enemy Territory

This theme is based on the free multiplayer game "Enemy Territory".

Download the theme

You may want to use the appropiate sounds with it, try one of those:


A dalek

This theme features one of britains most famous adversaries, the Dalek. The pictures are taken from the BBC Doctor Who homepage, which offers them as desktop backgrounds. I guess the use as a wallpaper for a phone qualifies as this :-)

Download the theme

You may want to use the appropiate sounds with it:

The Doctor Who main theme is also well suited as a ringtone, but it's not available on the official homepage: You may want to look at different places for it :-)


The cybermen

As another theme related to Doctor Who, this theme features the cybermen.

Download the theme

You may want to use the appropiate sounds with it:


This is nothing fancy, just a theme with high contrast between the different items. It is intended to be used for the creation of other themes, since each picture item can be easily identified on the phone and the computer.

Download the theme