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Debian GNU/Linux on Acer Travelmate 292

...'cause I want it the Debian way!


Package versions:
  • Kernel:
  • IPW2200:
  • IEEE802.11:
  • acerhk:
  • fglrx:
Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 17:15:45 CEST
Available packages:
  • Kernel image patched and configured for improved speedstep support (ACPI bios only reports 600 and 1500 Mhz): Read about the applied patches below
  • acerhk module, needed to enable the wlan switch and hotkeys
  • IPW2200 modules, native drivers for the centrino IPW2200BG wlan chipset; get firmware files from the project homepage
  • fglrx modules compiled for use with patched kernel, get additional packages from linked URL for accelerated OpenGL support

Since the latest release, the ipw2200 driver does not include the ieee802.11 framework anymore, it has been moved to a seperate package which is available here as well.

Note that the location of the fglrx repository has changed!

Since I'm not familiar with the creation of debian module packages, they might be a bit ugly, but do work quite fine. The debianized sources are available here. Check this good site for additional information about Debian on the TM292.

TuxMobil Listed

Questions & Answers

How do I install the packages?

What patches are included in the kernel image?

This patch is not completely undisputed, since there are still some unclear facts about the dothan voltage levels. See the discussion yourself here, and consider this a warning. Don't hold me responsible if your system catches fire.

How do I enable the framebuffer console?

To enable the framebufffer console at the correct resolution, add the statement "video=radeonfb:off vga=834" to you bootloader setup, see below for an excerpt from my grub configuration.

Software Suspend

"Software Suspend 2" is a kernel patch that allows you to suspend your system by saving the memory content into a swap partition and powering down. When booting the system again, the kernel recognizes the frozen image, und restores he former state of the notebook. The use of Software Suspend requires some prerequisites:

Once the kernel is running, you have to modify your bootloader (lilo or grub, preferred the later) to include the additional commandline statement "resume2=swap:/dev/hda6", where /dev/hda6 is the swap partition you wish to resume to. However, the ATI drivers are breaking Software Suspend, so you have to quit X11 before hibernating your notebook: My hibernate.conf does this automatically by shutting down gdm, it as well restores acpi and acerhk drivers after resume. Just copy it to /etc/hibernate/. If you want to suspend the system, just su to root and enter "hibernate".

If you do not need DRI and OpenGL acceleration, you can use the open source "radeon" driver. Software Suspend 2 works fine with this driver, even without quitting X11. Just replace the driver "fglrx" with "radeon" in you XF86Config-4, and remove "gdm" from the "RestartServices" line of "hibernate.conf". If you want to switch between the two configurations, use the "" script.

/etc stuff

### Acer TM 292
## kernel, acerhk, ipw2200bg, fglrx-kernel
deb ./
## ATI modules for XFree 4.3
deb ./
# module parameters for acerhk
options acerhk force_series=290 usedritek=1 verbose=1
# reset transceiver on load
install acerhk /sbin/modprobe --ignore-install acerhk && /bin/echo 1 > /proc/driver/acerhk/wirelessled && echo 0 > /proc/driver/acerhk/wirelessled && /bin/echo 1 > /proc/driver/acerhk/wirelessled
/boot/grub/menu.lst (excerpt)
## ## Start Default Options ##
## default kernel options
## default kernel options for automagic boot options
## If you want special options for specifiv kernels use kopt_x_y_z
## where x.y.z is kernel version. Minor versions can be omitted.
## e.g. kopt=root=/dev/hda1 ro
# kopt=root=/dev/hda2 ro video=radeonfb:off vga=834 resume2=swap:/dev/hda6


This Notebook has been sold by Mediamarkt Germany under the name "Extensa 2902" as well.

Disclaimer: Although the packages offered here work fine on my machine, they may fry your notebook without warning. You have been warned, don't sue me for anything.